The Culture Coordinator System

Are you tirelessly striving to build unity, jumping from one piece of leadership advice to another, hoping to find that magic fix that transforms the culture of your program? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many coaches find themselves in this cycle of trial and error, seeking improvement but often ending up more confused and frustrated than ever. But don’t worry, there’s a way to break through this cycle.

The #1 Mistake: Focusing on Modifying Behaviors

In my time consulting coaches across the country,  the #1 mistake I see coaches make when they set out to create a great culture is focusing on modifying behaviors rather than transforming ambitions and motivations.

Why is focusing on modifying behaviors a huge mistake? Because you set up a culture in which a reward or a punishment must always be present to accomplish anything. If your athletes only give their best when a reward or punishment is present, you create a culture dependent on extrinsic motivators. You will successfully modify behaviors but won’t build a culture founded on trust, love, and love for the program.

The Fix: Get Systematic Coaching

Great coaches get coached. A good coach will help you:

  • Self-assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you map out a path of transformation and continual improvement.
  • Lead you in a systematic approach to designing and installing your culture.
  • Provide you with feedback and strategies for ongoing success.

The Power of Remote Coaching

A Culture Coordinator membership provides courses, lessons, monthly Q&A sessions all designed to empower you to become the Championship Culture Coordinator your program needs.

The Culture Coordinator does more than provide a list of ways to build unity or give inspirational talks. Members receive systematic coaching that transforms them into Purpose-Driven Leaders who know how to lead in an ever evolving environment.

Take the First Step: Complete the Intro Course

Ready to start the transformational process? The introductory course is free for everyone. I’ve specifically designed it as a launch point for your transformation. Every lesson in the course includes a reflection and I use the reflections to shape my monthly Q&A sessions.

Click here to start the introductory course.

Benefits of a Culture Coordinator Membership

Weekly Content

You will receive a weekly reflection designed to challenge you to think and take action according to the basic premises of the Culture Coordinator System. Weekly reflections will also link to the course and lesson that inspired the reflection. The weekly reflections will also solicit questions from you for the monthly Q&A recordings.

Monthly Content

You will receive monthly recordings of a Q&A session. The questions will come directly from you. These recordings will be uploaded and cataloged as part of the course catalog.

Quarterly Content

Once per quarter, a new course or subcourse is released. These will be recorded and cataloged as part of the course catalog.

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