Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking

Every coach desires to build a winning culture, but only great coaches have a plan for designing and implementing a culture that drives success. When I became a head high school football coach after ten years as an assistant, I realized I had an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, and a special teams coordinator, but we needed a Culture Coordinator. I also realized I needed a system for designing and installing my culture like I already had systems for installing our offensive, defensive, and special teams schemes. The Culture Coordinator System teaches you to use the system I used to transform my team from 1-18 to play in the state quarterfinals two out of three years.

James Clear said it best: “We don’t rise to the level of our goals; we fall to the level of our systems.”

The Culture Coordinator System is a system for creating and installing a culture that drives success. It accomplishes this by teaching your athletes and all program stakeholders how to interpret the events of the season for the program’s good. The first step is using the Culture Coordinator “Culture of One” tool to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your current team culture. The second step of the system will teach you how to build trust and begin to create what I call an Audience Independent Culture. Once you’ve learned how to gain trust, you’ll learn how to create and cast your unique vision in a compelling and inspiring way, whether through in-person gatherings, phone calls, emails, or text messages. The final step in the Culture Coordinator System teaches you how to build unity using the Culture Coordinator Team Discipline System, training leaders, and teaching your athletes how to use the Culture Coordinator Levels of Motivation to self-assess and grow on their own.

Implementing the Culture Coordinator System will help you proactively address the frustrations that come when athletes, parents, and stakeholders are not united in a shared ambition. When you implement this system, you won’t merely avoid the “hot seat.” You’ll develop strong allies in your community who will support you with their resources.

This system will unite all of your program’s stakeholders, help you fulfill your potential as the Culture Coordinator of your program, and build a culture that wins. Completing the Culture Coordinator System will transform you into a confident leader ready to build a championship culture.