The Culture Coordinator System is a system for creating and installing a culture that drives success. It accomplishes this by teaching your athletes and all program stakeholders how to interpret the events of the season for the program’s good.

This course provides the perspective you need to transform yourself into a Purpose-Driven Leader and helps you avoid the #1 mistake I see coaches making as leaders.

Course 1: Part 2

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Leader
(Coming April of 2023)

Part 2 teaches you how to take control of your leadership development and become the Purpose-Drive Leader your program needs to thrive.

Course 1: Part 3

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Leader
(Coming June of 2023)

Part 3 teaches you how to put everything from Part 1 and 2 into action and start thinking and acting like a Purpose-Driven Leader.

Course 3

The Culture Equations and The Four Types of Cultures
(Coming February of 2024)

Course 2

How to Build Trust with Athletes, Parents, and Program Stakeholders
(Coming April of 2024)

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